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Who we are

The activity was born about thirty years ago whenAngelo Gogliaopens his restoration atelier in the heart of the historic center of Aversa, in the province of Caserta. The son, Vincenzo Goglia, takes his first steps in contact with antiques right in his father's laboratory where he learns the secrets of the restoration trade.
Hand in hand with his passion for the restoration of antique furniture, Vincenzo makes room for the vocation forbuy selling antiques, vocation that drives him to set up on his own and start his business as a trader.

These were the years of the sector's boom and the first shop opened in via Ettore Corcini was a real success: the business began to gain acclaim far beyond the regional borders, both among the public and among the colleagues themselves. The innate entrepreneurial ability and the desire for affirmation lead Vincenzo to participate in the most important trade fairs and exhibitions of the sector on the national territory. He is now a veteran at theMerchant fair of Parmagiven his ten-year presence, he then regularly participates inBergamo Fine Art, Antiqua of Genoa, at the fair ofSaluzzoand that ofMontichiari.
The great leap in quality is made in the midst of the pandemic crisis, in April 2021, with the opening of his new gallery, a largeopen space in the heart of Aversaequipped with five large windows, a meeting point for all lovers of art, history and timeless beauty.

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